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Java2Script Blog Home Sourceforge

The “official” blog for Java2Script Pacemaker was on.

Some days ago I took a trial on wordpress blog at After being familiar with wordpress and the database of sourceforge, I also made a try to build up the wordpress blog inside I studied some documents, and it seemed that it’s permited to build a blog for the purpose of spreading the project. So the blog was HOME.

Goal of this blog, as mentioned in the article “Java2Script Pacemaker Blog is On” at, is to provide spaces for readers who may have problems while reading through tutorial articles, or may find some errors between the words, or may have some ideas on the Java2Script technology. And I also would like to share with ideas that come to my mind. And I would like to study your comments about using the Java2Script Pacemaker or thinking in reusing Java codes into JavaScripts in order to improve the project.


Some blogs that I posted at

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About Zhou Renjian

Zhou Renjian, comes from Shanghai China, is initial contributor of this “Java2Script Pacemaker” project. He has years of Java and JavaScript programming experience, and also has a little knowledge about Eclipse’ Graphical Editing Framework (GEF). You can also reach him in his development blog “Hacking and Existing”.
As once studied mathematics, he loves redefining things in mathematical ways.

In his spare time, he likes playing badminton.

zhou Renjian at Lan Tian Ao

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