User Experience Series: History, Now, Future

Someone said the pseudo SWT window inside browser is so different from the common browser application, which may cause a bad user experience. So I began to think about user experience. In fact, I thinking pseudo SWT window won’t have big effect on user experience, but something else are important on user experience. Here follows my opinions.

There are three aspects about user experience: History action, current status and future data.

User will always keep the history in his/her brain. And good UI interaction should always keep all possible history from the user. Don’t break or change the history. For example, browser has already implemented the navigation history. If your page switch to a new page, your page must can be backward-forward-compatiable. Once your page support editable, you should implement the undo-redo actions and keep the modified history.

User will understand the current status of the page. User knows whether the page is correct or incorrect status. If the page is in incorrect status, he/she will do something to correct them. You should never limit the user from actions that will leave things in incomplete status. Incomplete status must be kept. For example, application provide ways for user to input Java/C/C++ expression/statement, the expression/statement will always in incomplete or incorrect status until all codes written and reviewed.
User always want to do something, which is still incomplete. For example, user try to type in name “Josson Smith”. Once he/she type “Jos”, if the application is smart enough to provide the possible future options “Josson Smith”, “Joshua Clinton”, it will improve the user experience.

So sugguestions of improving user experience is

  • keep all possible actions from the user, and provide some ways for the user to move backward or forward.
  • keep the possible incomplete status until user finish it.
  • try to fetch data that is useful for the user, show them.
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4 Responses to User Experience Series: History, Now, Future

  1. mythmoon says:

    HI.josson Smith!
    I am Chinese !
    so ,I am a little English.
    I hava a err,when i install.
    show err:
    Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute!

  2. mythmoon says:

    dear josson Smith!
    i have solved this err.
    i used j2sui.jar from 0.5 displace 1.0.0’s .
    我用0.5版的j2sui.jar 文件替�掉1.0版的看�1.0版是�有问题�我的JSK是1.42_5

  3. Josson Smith says:

    你好,1.0.0 m1的打包�布时出现了Main-Class丢失的情况,这个是在4月底��现的,所以我�新打包�,�布为


  4. Josson Smith says:

    Hi mythmoon,
    Thanks for mentioning this problem.
    It’s a release bug that Main-Class was missing from the manifest when packing j2sui.jar. The bug was discovered until late of April and then I released the package as:
    If you download things from this URL or from the updated you should get no errors.


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