J2S JavaScript Inheritance Core Released

News: J2S Clazz released (March 10, 2006)
About J2S Clazz:
J2S Clazz is the core JavaScript file for the Java style classical inheritance system. It’s the fundamental part of Java2Script Pacemaker.


  • It’s small, less than 8K.
  • It provides full support of Object Oriented Programming, including the most important features polymorphism, super calling and constructors.
  • It does not break the existed protype inheritance. And it can be integrate with other existed libraries.

J2S Clazz 0.6.0

OOP in JavaScript by J2S(Draft)

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2 Responses to J2S JavaScript Inheritance Core Released

  1. There is another approach to implement JavaScript inheritance – a “lazy” inheritance which has all benefits of “prototype” based approach like typed classes, but also eliminates necessity to declare external scripts in proper order and automatically resolves and loads (if necessary) dependencies to external scripts that contains related classes.
    This approach is supported by JSINER library – you can find more about it on http://www.soft-amis.com/jsiner/inheritance.html

  2. Zhou Renjian says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the information.

    Later I will add more detailed documents about Java2Script’s Class Inheritance Simulator, which you and other developers may be interesting in.

    Please keep tuned.

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