Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript by Java2Script


It’s well-known that JavaScript is a prototype based or object based scripting language not a complete Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language as Java, which is a well-known and most-succeeded OOP language. As AJAX applications boosting, lots of JavaScript inheritance systems are developing to make codes more readable, more manageable and more developer-friendly. However, polymorphism and super method calling, which are two most important features for OOP, are not implemented or not fully implemented. In this article, a new library will be introduced for JavaScript to simulate a complete Object Oriented Programming. And a new Eclipse JDT plugin, named “Java2Script Pacemaker”, will also be introduced to help developers in converting Java codes into Object Oriented JavaScript codes directly.

For more, please read the OOP in JavaScript by J2S(Draft) .

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2 Responses to Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript by Java2Script

  1. Thiago Souza says:


    First of all, congratulations for this great product!!!!

    Is it planned to support code compiled by AJDT?

    Kind Regards,
    Thiago Souza

  2. Josson Smith says:

    It seems it would take some time for AspectJ codes. I am not sure as yet I am not familiar with.AOP.
    BTW, these days, some features of Java 5.0 are being implmented.

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