Java2Script 1.0.0 M1 with support of Java 5.0

Bugs and Fixes

When running j2sui.jar an error message box about “Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from …” popups. And this is a bug when packing j2sui.jar. I realized this bug until these days. And another fixed packed are here:

or make downloads from the updated download page .

News: Java2Script 1.0.0 M1 with support of Java 5.0 (March 18, 2006)

New and Noteworthy
Java2Script Core

  • Java 5.0 features, includes generic, enums, static imports, enhanced loops, are supported
  • Split a small (less than 8K) Object Oriented JavaScript core libraries (See: J2S Clazz)
  • Optimization on speed of loading J2S application and size of generated JavaScript codes

Java2Script SWT

  • Support resizing of Shell
  • More widgets supported: Slider, Spinner, ToolBar, MessageBox
  • Modal dialog
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7 Responses to Java2Script 1.0.0 M1 with support of Java 5.0

  1. Thomas Smith says:

    To start off with… This ROCKS!

    Ok, now that I have my over-exuberance out of the way…

    The good:
    I only started playing with Pacemaker earlier today, And have already put together a nice simple pop client. Once I got used to it, it flows very smoothly. I truly believe that this can grow into something that could completely change the way that web development is done.

    The bad:
    I had a bear of a time setting it up, and almost gave up before I finally did get it working. (ended up doing a clean install of eclipse and VE).[btw if I had given up, I am sure I would have regretted it].
    There still is quite a bit to be done (specifically, it would be nice to be able to use images)

    The other (ideas):
    I think it is very do-able to wrap in a web-services tool to do a kinda XML-RMI interface to server objects, that would really turn this into a complete development solution for web applications.

  2. Dave Westwood says:

    Absolutely love it! It opens the door way to endless possibilities. Honestly I can’t say just how cool this is!

    Stuff I desperately would like support for:

    [1] Shells without trim – no title bar, no icon, etc:
    Shell shell = new Shell(display, org.eclipse.swt.SWT.NO_TRIM);
    Currently no matter what I do I can not get rid of the title bar and icon. :'(

    [2] Support for images – in particlar the GC draw image features and the set background image support. This would transform boring windows applications in to se-xy looking apps. Ideally transparency would be supported using 32 bit PNG’s.

    [3] Basic support of drawing lines using GC would rock, but I could live without it.

    I’ve started going through the code trying to work out how to do the above. But please let me know if you plan on supporting these features?

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Thomas Smith says:

    Ok, I have put together a couple of libraries that I will send you for contribution if anyone is intereseted.
    1) wrapper around the xml4scipt (with minor tweaks) and an extended AJAX request object.
    2) wrapper around the XLib functions, and Classes to work with the dom model.

    I am in the process of implementing some of AWT to work with pacemaker. I am at the very beginning, however, if anyone is interested, just drop me a line.

  4. Thomas Smith says:

    Just an update… I am now about 30% through the base implementation of the AWT environment. Things started rocky, however, now things seem to be moving pretty smoothly. I do have my domUtilities working fairly smoothly. I have made a couple of VERY minor tweeks/bug fixes to the core-util. I am planning on sending my stuff to add to contrib as soon as I get around 80%. Again, if anyone is interested, let me know, I am happy to share… (and of course happy to get help *GRIN*)

  5. Josson Smith says:

    Glad to hear that you two or others are interested in this project especially while I am having a happy trips around China.
    Something discussed here are on the plan, and anyone would like to contribute codes under Eclipse Public License 1.0 would post their codes to me or become a developer of J2S (may wait about 4 weeks to see that you are truely interested in J2S) or contribute another sub project (JavaScript versin of AWT outside J2S?).

    > And here is a list of jobs ahead, which I think some of you may be interested in:
    > 1. Codes (J2S SWT): Implement SWT’s ToolBar, CoolBar, Menu, Slider,
    > MessageBox and others. Developing J2S SWT widgets may need to develop
    > HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java separately.
    > 2. Documents: Tables about API compatibities on J2S’ SWT. This table
    > will tell developers that which SWT API is already implemented and which
    > is not or not fully implemented.
    > 3. Codes (J2S SWT): Implement org.eclipse.swt.custom.*, includes
    > CTabFolder, CLabel, StyleText, those *Editor
    > 4. Documents: More items in wiki, including what is Java2Script and others
    > 5. Documents: FAQ, including installation instructions, current defects
    > of Java2Script
    > 6. Codes (J2S SWT): Key navigation on J2S SWT widgets. For examples,
    > “->”, ” 7. Codes (J2S SWT): Implement Image for Label, Tree, Table, TabFolder,
    > and all others
    > 8. Codes (JDT): Write an export wizard to export the generated *.js into
    > one zipped *.js
    > 9. Codes (JDT): Rewrite the Classpath tab in the “Run”‘s configuration.
    > Should reuse the composite as the *.j2s editors
    > 10. Codes (JDT): When enable “Java2Script Compiler”, “j2slib” should not
    > be copied from but should be referenced to the folder of
    > “net.sf.j2s.j2sbuilder/j2slib”. Maybe a new plugin containing those
    > converted libraries should be created so others project can require that
    > plugin project as “Required Project”.
    > 11. Documents: More tutorial articles for the communities so more
    > interests can be gained. The articles includes OOP in Java2Script, how
    > to develop web application by J2S, how to customize J2S SWT widgets, and
    > others.
    > 12. More…

  6. Thomas Smith says:

    Ok… My AWT implementation is on hold…. I need to see if i can finish out the SWT so I can launch my application… I have several changes and fixes for SWT. If the good Mr. Smith were to set me up with CVS access….. *GRIN*

  7. Thomas Smith says:

    Oh… BTW Dave… I have the tweeks to allow setting images to work (wasn’t hard to turn on) From what I was looking at, I think that turning on the window without trim won’t be particularly difficult (I am going to do it to allow me to implement menus, tooltips, and nicer combos, and lists [since internet explorer has it’s own take on what should over-ride what])

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