WebCream – Java(Swing and AWT) to HTML converter

I came up with this interesting website today:

WebCream – Java to HTML converter providing automatic conversion of Swing and AWT to HTML

If you are interested about this, here is its demo page.

Its technology is dynamically conversion of SWING/AWT to HTML, and the GUI events will  be sent back the server to update the page (Something like ZK?). But Java2Script is pre-compiling all the GUI codes into JavaScript, and then all events are dealt in the Browser sides except those remote calls to server.

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One Response to WebCream – Java(Swing and AWT) to HTML converter

  1. Hi,
    No doubt the software is good but little bit complecated to grasp
    It convert the java swing(applet) code to html page on the fly but i am not sure about the functionality of the code such as the keyboard event and all.

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