Will JavaScript 2 be the Future of the Web?

In “Brendan Eich: JavaScript 2 and the Future of the Web”, it says:

We were lucky enough to have Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, give a keynote at The Ajax Experience.

We have placed the presentation online so everyone can read up on some of the thoughts and discussion on JavaScript 2 and more.

Here we got to hear from the mouth of someone deep into the ECMA process about what we are going to see in JavaScript 2 and importantly why:

So I begin to think that: will the time interval 2006-2010 (4 years) be somewhat too long?

Are there useful tools to speed migration?
* A JS2 to JS offline translator, for example
* Write your web app using JS2 exclusively
* Run the translator over all of your JS2 code
* Serve the translated files to old browsers

The project Java2Script, which I am working on, is providing a Java to JavaScript convertor. To develop web applications, it recommends the way of writing JavaScript in Java Syntax (Actually writing Java totally by IDE and then converting Java to JavaScript).
But some comments sound

“Don’t turn it into Java!�?

These comments do bewilder me and make me think further.
From the above Brendan’s presentation, we can see a lot of syntax improvements, which are popular in Java, C++, Python or Ruby. Maybe we could call them syntax sugars. Sugars won’t be enough. Robust IDEs are needed to help writing or managing those scripts.
So I am thinking: Will JavaScript 2 be on a way of being another language if it is not adopted widely and quickly by Browsers and IDEs while JavaScript 1 keeps being popular? If such things happen, a maybe JS2 to JS converter will always be used. Then JavaScript 2 will be similar to other languages like Java, Python, as those languages also can be converted into JavaScript by convertors. Then a question: why wait 2~4 years or longer for JavaScript 2 syntax sugars? Why not having the syntax sugars of Python, Ruby, Java or C++ right now by convertors?

PS: It seems that I am being affected by Java2Script too deep to make such comments on JavaScript 2.

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