Screenshot of SWT Control Example

The Control Example is one of Eclipse SWT examples. I modified the tabs into dynamical loading tab so the example will work faster. You still need to wait about 8 seconds for the example to initialize besides the about 800+k of *.js downloads. Be ENOUGH patient, if you want to get a real tour of JavaScript version of SWT.

Of course the performance and the size of *.js will be optimized to an acceptable level in the future.

PS: J2S SWT Control Example on

And finally, after sometime of compressing and ripping out unused codes, after packed by dean edward’s packer, it’s about 250k of the size, and take about 5s to initialize. Considered acceptable when comparing to native Java SWT application.
Now, you can download the Control Example(*.zip 139k), and view the example locally.

J2S SWT Control Example

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