Java2Script 1.0.0 M2 Released

New and Noteworthy
Java2Script Core
1. Add Javadoc @j2s* support, which support for native JavaScript
2. Identifiers minimization
3. Fixed bug on compiling private field and methods, nested anonymous class and inner

non-static class, and remove unnecessary final variables
4. Optimize the size of generated *.js
5. Support regular expression method of String
6. Support java.util.ResourceBundle
7. Support editting the converted *.js
8. Support converting *.properties into *.js

Java2Script SWT
1. Support blocking of Shell
2. Refining of widget Label, Link, Button, Text, Group, TabFolder, Composite,

Decoration, Shell, See Control Example for details
3. Support Image on Widgets
4. Support most of listeners for SWT widgets
5. Support dispose method of Widget
6. Support exporting the UI to static HTML
7. Optimize layout speeds by deferring layout
(CTabFolder, Combo, Table, Tree, and others are still under improving)

Java2Script AJAX
1. AJAX for both Java and JavaScript are integrated into Eclipse platform

Java2Script Developer Team
Welcome new developer – Soheil Hassas Yeganeh, who joined the developer team in late April, 2006.

Download Java2Script 1.0.0 M2 for Eclipse 3.1.*

For more details, please visit

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