Java2Script 1.0.0 M3 Released!

New and Noteworthy
Java2Script Core
1. No more need to enhance Eclipse JDT core jar for Java2Script compiler
2. Full support of Eclipse 3.2.0 besides Eclipse 3.1.*
3. Dynamic JavaScript loading (ClazzLoader)
4. Early Java reflection implementation.

Java2Script SWT
1. Improvement of CTabFolder, Table, Combo, ProgressBar, Scale
2. Support of embedding Shell inside normal HTML page (please visit inline demo of
3. Early key navigation support.
4. More LAF themes

Java2Script AJAX
1. Support loading classes asynchronously both in Java and Java2Script, please visit

Java2Script JUnit
1. Support JUnit tests both Test Case and Test Suite

More information, please visit updated homepage:

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2 Responses to Java2Script 1.0.0 M3 Released!

  1. brainsponger says:

    How about compiling MozillaInterfaces?

  2. Zhou Renjian says:

    Hi brainsponger,
    I spent some time on MozillaInterfaces and found out Java2Script may not work for MozillaInterfaces.
    I found that it’s mainly about interfaces in MozillaInterfaces.jar. So compiling MozillaInterfaces should be fine for Java2Script compiler. But as I learned that all native things are called through JavaXPCOM, which is too native for pure JavaScript.
    I think, another way should be chosen to reuse XULRunner. Maybe exporting Java codes into JavaScript, then packing them as an extension of Mozilla/Firefox and install them …

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