Java2Script Introduces Simple RPC

Java2Script now introduces Simple RPC, which is aiming to help Java
developers balancing and debugging *local* and *remote* procedure calls for AJAX RIAs without knowledge of serialization and deserialization.

In Simple RPC, Java client have two modes: AJAX mode and local Java Thread mode (Default mode).
Here are some simple words describing the procedure of developing AJAX RIAs with Simple RPC.

1. Java developer can debug those procedure calls in local Java Thread mode with local Java SWT client.

2. After functions implemented, they can add a Java servlet wrapper (Java2Script provided), export all things as a JAR file and deploy it to Java EE container.

3. And now switch Java client to AJAX mode (set some static variables) and test whether the deployed servlet is OK or not.

4. If not correctly deployed or bugs popup, developers can switch back to local Java
Thread mode and do their debugging again.

5. In the end, use Java2Script compiler to compiler the Java SWT client into JavaScript RIA client and test it in browser.

For more details, please check out latest codes from SVN.

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2 Responses to Java2Script Introduces Simple RPC

  1. Steven Devijver says:


    I like j2s a lot. It’s easier, more practical and way more open than GWT. I’m very interested in implementing RPC between a j2s client app and my server.

    Could you please show an example of how Simple RPC works, both in a j2s class and on the Java/server side?

    Many thanks and keep on the great work!


  2. Zhou Renjian says:

    Before a full detailed example (tutorial) coming up, you can check
    for a quick glimpse.