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Moving Blog to

As a matter of spam comments over (over 20 spam comments per day), the Java2Script blog is moving to , which is powered with WordPress’ Akismet plugin.

Even though former blog on was installed with Akismet plugin, Sourceforge limits its server from connecting to WordPress Akismet servers, which results in being unable to activate Akismet. After about-5-day-away, about 200 spam comments were piled up there. So the blog was moved.

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Rewriting Java2Script’s GTalk

Here is an early screenshot:

Java2Script's GTalk

BTW: Window Builder Pro was used to design the above UI

For more updated information, please visit

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Java2Script on Safari 3 Beta

As Safari 3 Beta was published, I just tested it on a Java2Script demo. Here is the screenshot:

Java2Script LZ77JS Compressor

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