Java2Script 2.0.0 Released!

We are very pleased to announce that Java2Script 2.0.0 release is available now. Please visit for updates.

Comparing to previous version, 1.0.0, Java2Script 2.0.0 now supports both Eclipse 3.3.* and Eclipse 3.4.*. And Java2Script 2.0.0 has a new feature named “SWT Desktop“, providing Tray widget, task bar and shortcut dashboard. And there is Simple and Compound Pipe APIs to setup Comet connection back to server. Besides these new features, we have fixed lots of bugs in Java2Script compiler, Java core library and SWT library. And we add another demo: an SWT Tetris game.

Java2Script 2.0.0 is much more stable and it is ready for product. WeBuzz.IM is one of products using Java2Script 2.0.0. WeBuzz.IM provide services to those users whose Gtalk/MSN/Y!Messenger/AIM being blocked by firewalls. Compound Pipe technology is used to provide multiple IM login using only one connection, and Java2Script’s SWT desktop provides familiar desktop user experience for users.

And developer Sebastian Gurin joined us in Oct 2008.

Please let us know your thought.

Appendix (Java2Script Feature List)

Java2Script Core
1. Object oriented JavaScript simulator is introduced
2. JavaScript ClassLoader is built inside
3. Eclipse JDT based Java to JavaScript compiler, support Java 1.4 and Java 5
features, including generic, enums, static imports, enhanced loops
4. Support incremental building for Java projects
5. Support Hotspot JavaScript swapping for debugging
6. Support most classes in java.lang.*, java.utils.* and others packages
7. Support native JavaScript through @j2s* Javadoc in Java sources
8. Support creating Java2Script projects by wizard, including Servlet project
9. Support Eclipse 3.3.* and 3.4.*

Java2Script SWT
1. Eclipse SWT 3.1 API is ported for JavaScript in modern browsers, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome
2. Desktop and window manager are built inside
3. Support UI blocking fow SWT’s Shell and Dialog
4. Support SWT deffered layout
5. Support detecting font size change in Firefox

Java2Script AJAX
1. HttpRequest/AJAX is introduced for both Java and JavaScript
2. Simple RPC API is introduced to call back Java server, which supports Cross Site Scripting
3. Simple and Compound Pipe API is introduced to setup Comet connection to server.
4. Support dynamic class loading for both Java and JavaScript
5. Support Java reflection (early implementation)

Java2Script JUnit
1. Support JUnit tests both Test Case and Test Suite in text mode.

Java2Script Example
1. Web IM services in Java2Script ( )
2. SWT Tetris Game ( )
3. SWT Control Examples ( )

For more feature detailed description, please visit:

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  1. Marko says:

    Please make look and feel more modern.

    Such old-fashioned look for window-title distract users…

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