Java2Script Update v20100601

Java2Script 2.0 update v20100601 has been released. To download latest released files, please visit

1. Added support of Eclipse 3.6.* Helios, and earlier Eclipse
2. Java2Script sources repository moved to Google Code at
3. Sebastian Gurin joined Java2Script and opened source YUI4Java project ( ), which is based on technologies of Java2Script compiler
4. Added SimpleStore API for local storage
5. Added support of Google Chrome browser
6. Added web mail client demo ( )
7. Improved web instant messenger demo ( )
8. Added early support of JFace ( )
8. Other improvement and bugfixes

Java2Script Feature List:

Java2Script Core
1. Object oriented JavaScript simulator is introduced
2. JavaScript ClassLoader is built inside
3. Eclipse JDT based Java to JavaScript compiler, support Java 1.4 and Java 5 features, including generic, enums, static imports, enhanced loops
4. Support incremental building for Java projects
5. Support Hotspot JavaScript swapping for debugging
6. Support most classes in java.lang.*, java.utils.* and others packages
7. Support native JavaScript through @j2s* Javadoc in Java sources
8. Support creating Java2Script projects by wizard, including Servlet project
9. Support Eclipse 3.3.*, 3.4.*, 3.5.* and 3.6.*

Java2Script SWT
1. Eclipse SWT 3.1 API is ported for JavaScript in modern browsers, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari
2. Desktop and window manager are built inside
3. Support UI blocking fow SWT’s Shell and Dialog
4. Support SWT deffered layout
5. Support detecting font size change in Firefox

Java2Script AJAX
1. HttpRequest/AJAX is introduced for both Java and JavaScript
2. Simple RPC API is introduced to call back Java server, which supports Cross Site Scripting
3. Simple and Compound Pipe API is introduced to setup Comet connection to server.
4. Support dynamic class loading for both Java and JavaScript
5. Support Java reflection (early implementation)
6. Support Simple Store API for local storage

Java2Script JUnit
1. Support JUnit tests both Test Case and Test Suite in text mode.

Java2Script Example
1. Web instant messenger services, support online web Gtalk (Google Talk), MSN (Windows Live Messenger), Yahoo! Messenger, AIM/ICQ, Jabber/XMPP. Please visit , or
2. Web mail client services, support online web mail, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and other IMAP/POP3 & SMTP providers. Please visit , or
3. SWT Tetris Game. Please visit
4. SWT Control Examples. Please visit
5. Advanced Image Viewer based on YUI4Java. Please visit
6. Early JFace demo. Please visit

For more demos, please visit:

For more detailed feature description, please visit Java2Script homepage: , or

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5 Responses to Java2Script Update v20100601

  1. Hello Zhour Renjian. Good work!. I think you missed an important (for me) feature introduced : the window[“j2s.object.native”] . When I find free time, I will write an article regarding this new j2s modality and comments about working with native objects from java code


  2. okayliving says:

    I would like to say, nice webpage. Im not sure if it has been addressed, however when using Firefox I can never get the entire page to load without refreshing alot of times. Could just be my modem.

  3. John Carlson says:

    I haven’t used Java2Script. Looks interesting. Could you port something like JFreeChart to JavaScript? That would be really useful! I know that there are a lot of JavaScript and HTML5 charting libraries out there, but JFreeChart is very mature, feature rich, etc.

  4. Zhou Renjian says:

    @John Carlson
    It seems that JFreeChart requires graphic context heavily. Java2Script is still week on drawing. So there is no Java2Script JFreeChart in the near future.

  5. Zhou Renjian says:

    @Sebastián Gurin
    OK, I will remember to enable window[“j2s.object.native”] in the next release.

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