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Java2Script Gtalk on Opera Mini 4

It’s amazing to see that Java2Script’s Google Talk get run on Opera Mini 4 inside a mobile phone.

Here is Opera Mini 4’s simulator for you to test its CSS/JavaScript/AJAX compatibilities:

Here are screenshots:

Zoom in to get a clear look:

Login and connect:

Now we are in:

Zoom in to get a clear look on friend list:

But Java2Script Gtalk does not get run as totally correct. It fails to maintain normal connection back to Gtalk proxy server. So after a few seconds, the proxy server closes the connection. Maybe Java2Script Gtalk may fix this problem later. And also I think Opera Mini team may improve its AJAX supports in the near future so nothing need to be modified.

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Rewriting Java2Script’s GTalk

Here is an early screenshot:

Java2Script's GTalk

BTW: Window Builder Pro was used to design the above UI

For more updated information, please visit

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Java2Script on Safari 3 Beta

As Safari 3 Beta was published, I just tested it on a Java2Script demo. Here is the screenshot:

Java2Script LZ77JS Compressor

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Java2Script’s GTalk

I spent about three days writng an SWT based Google Talk client. And the client used Smack Jabber library, which has simple APIs. As writing the client, I kept the code compatible with Java2Script, which means that I can use the latest Java2Script daily release to pack it as a web servlet application and deploy it as rich internet application (RIA). Here is snapshot of Java2Script version of Google Talk:

Java2Script's GTalk

And here is the online Java2Script’s GTalk.

And because Java2Script’s SimpleRPC supports Cross Site Script, the above application can be loaded from any pages by adding the following HTML

Launch GoogleTalk

to your page.

Or you can just copy the above “javascript:…” part (without quotes) and paste it to address bar and go. You will get a Google Talk client (pure JavaScript) in your page (this page or other pages). This “javascript:…” part is considered as A Link An Application (ALAA).

By digging about Google Talk on, I found that Google Talk Gadget on Google’s personalized homepage was really hitting the latest news.

Enjoy it.


The Java2Script’s Google Talk sources are available at SVN repository now:

And you can also download, unzip it and deploy gtalk.war to your Java servlet container.

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Screenshot of Java2Script Web Notepad

I spent some time to enhance a web notepad with auto-save feature. Here is screenshot:

Java2Script Web Notepad

As a matter of security fact, it is not ready for public tests, so now I am not publishing the . Maybe later I will add more strict rules to the notepad so that no malicious modifications harm the system. Or maybe I will not take such a risk.

Actually, more desktop applications can be converted into rich internet applications. I even consider converting a terminal console into Java2Script web application is possible. But maybe I won’t do so.

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ColorDialog and FontDialog

Now comes JavaScript version of SWT ColorDialog and FontDialog:

J2S SWT Color Dialog

J2S SWT Font Dialog

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Java2Script SWT Widgets Updates

The updates mainly include Combo, Spinner, Menu, ToolBar and CoolBar. For more details, please check out latest sources from SVN, or stay tuned for 1.0.0 M4 scheduled in the next month.

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Screenshot of SWT Control Example

The Control Example is one of Eclipse SWT examples. I modified the tabs into dynamical loading tab so the example will work faster. You still need to wait about 8 seconds for the example to initialize besides the about 800+k of *.js downloads. Be ENOUGH patient, if you want to get a real tour of JavaScript version of SWT.

Of course the performance and the size of *.js will be optimized to an acceptable level in the future.

PS: J2S SWT Control Example on

And finally, after sometime of compressing and ripping out unused codes, after packed by dean edward’s packer, it’s about 250k of the size, and take about 5s to initialize. Considered acceptable when comparing to native Java SWT application.
Now, you can download the Control Example(*.zip 139k), and view the example locally.

J2S SWT Control Example

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